Princess Camp

Find Your Inner Princess!

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Princess Camp 2


All princesses will enjoy dancing, singing, crafts and 
more at our princess camp extravaganza !

Princess Camp

Let's Have some Royal fun!

Princesses and Princes ages 3-7 will enjoy dancing, singing, crafting, and more at our Princess Camp Extravaganza!

On the final day, dress as your favorite Princess/Prince! Later, your loved ones are invited to the Royal Ball where all Princesses/Princes will showcase what they've learned! Following the presentation, one parent/guardian is invited to enjoy the Royal Tea Party with their Royal Highness!


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All Princesses Ages 3-7


The Castle, at LKW Dance Center
166 Laurens Road, Montoursville, PA


JULY 24 - JULY 27

MORNING: 10:00AM -12:00PM


EVENING: 4:00AM - 6:00PM





(price ends May 1st)